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Fast and Future Ready: New 39DL PLUS™ Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

June 24, 2024
The new 39DL PLUS™ ultrasonic thickness gauge redefines efficiency in the NDT industry with ultra-fast scanning speeds and fully integrated wireless connectivity in a rugged handheld design. Find out more in the press release.

Evident Participates as Exclusive Sponsor at the 20th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (WCNDT)

May 13, 2024
Explore the future of nondestructive testing at WCNDT, May 27–31 in South Korea! Exclusive Sponsor of this year’s event, we’ve organized presentations offering insights on industry-shaping innovations. Find out more in this press release.

PRECiV™ DSX Software Redefines the Reliability, Precision and Ease of Use of DSX1000 Digital Microscopes

April 23, 2024
PRECiV DSX software is redefining the reliability, precision, and ease of use of DSX1000 digital microscopes. Read the press release to learn more.

Efficiency-Optimizing Enhancements Unveiled in MapROVER™ and SteerROVER™ Corrosion and Weld Inspection Scanners

March 04, 2024
Ease weld and corrosion inspections of hard-to-reach and high-temperature parts with our redesigned MapROVER™ and SteerROVER™ scanners. Read about the scanners’ new features and enhancements in this press release.

Redesigned PipeWIZARD™ iX Automated Girth Weld Inspection System Is More Compact, Powerful and Easier to Deploy

February 26, 2024
Inspecting girth welds during pipeline construction is often performed under extreme conditions. The PipeWIZARD™ iX AUT system is optimized to ease this challenging application. Read the press release.

EVIDENT Launches Fifth Annual Image of the Year Contest with New Video Category

February 15, 2024
Our fifth annual Image of the Year competition is now open for entries! For the first time, the 2024 contest welcomes video submissions to show the art of capturing moving images under the microscope. Learn more in the press release.

Ultra-Thin IPLEX™ TX II Videoscope Enables Better Imaging in Small Spaces

February 01, 2024
The ultra-thin IPLEX TX II videoscope combines the versatility of a 2.2 mm diameter flexible scope with a 1.8 mm rigid scope in a single package. With improved durability, maneuverability, illumination, and image quality, the IPLEX TX II provides better imaging in small spaces. Read about all the improvements in the press release.

Evident Donates for the 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake Relief

January 25, 2024
Evident donates three million Japanese yen to support relief efforts for the Noto Peninsula earthquake in Japan.

Next-Generation Vanta™ Handheld XRF Analyzers Combine Performance with Comfort

January 17, 2024
Our next-generation Vanta™ handheld XRF analyzers—Vanta Max and Vanta Core—combine performance with comfort to maximize efficiency for field and lab professionals. Learn more in the press release.

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