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PRECiV 1.2版本软件添加了简单易用的高级成像和测量工具,可助力操作人员更高效地完成生产、质量控制和检测任务


2023 EVIDENT Organoid Conference to Share the Latest Organoid Innovations

On February 8, we’re hosting a virtual organoid conference that brings experts together from around the Asia-Pacific region to discuss their research. Learn more about the conference in this press release.

Vanta™ GX Precious Metal Analyzer Simplifies Jewelry Analysis

Our new Vanta GX precious metal analyzer is an affordable way to know the purity and composition of gold, jewelry, coins, and other valuables. Read the press release to learn more.

New Videoscope Designed for Wind Power Makes Turbine Gearbox Inspections Faster and More Efficient

To meet the challenges of wind power gearbox inspections—such as cramped quarters, oil environments, and hard-to-reach areas—we created the compact, powerful IPLEX G Lite-W videoscope. Learn more in the press release.


我们将与生物标记物研究用多重处理工具和新型图像分析解决方案领域的领军企业Ultivue, Inc.开展协作,促进使用多重免疫荧光(mIF)测定进行的全玻片成像,以此推进转化研究的发展。请阅读这篇新闻稿,了解详细信息。

EVIDENT Opens New Asia-Pacific Headquarters in Singapore

Evident announced the opening of its new Asia-Pacific (APAC) headquarters in Singapore, marking its ongoing commitment to expand its business and operations in the APAC region.

New Partnership Creates an Automated Anatomic Pathology Slide-Scanning Solution

Sakura Finetek—a global leader in histopathology products—and Evident are collaborating to offer a full workflow solution for anatomic pathology slide preparation and high-resolution digital scanning. Learn more in the press release.

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