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The DP75 Digital Microscope Camera Empowers Microscopic Discoveries and Inspections

November 7, 2023

New High-End Microscope Camera Designed for Challenging Life Science and Industrial Applications

WALTHAM, Mass., (November 7, 2023) — The DP75 digital microscope camera breaks new ground in microscopic imaging. Users can capture brightfield or wide-wavelength fluorescence images using a single camera, eliminating the inconvenience of switching between multiple cameras.

One Camera, Multiple Applications

Designed for a variety of challenging life science and industrial applications, the DP75 camera empowers researchers and inspectors to capture high-resolution images from brightfield to fluorescence, even in the near-infrared (NIR) range. This innovative camera simplifies the microscopy imaging process, enabling users to concentrate more on their work.

Sharper Images, Clearer Insights

The high-sensitivity cooled CMOS sensor makes it easier than ever to capture sharp, low-noise fluorescence images. With a fast frame rate of 60 fps at full HD and 22 fps at over 4K resolution, the camera provides smooth, fast, live images for easy framing and comfortable live observation

Vivid Color from Cells to Surfaces

Whether inspecting the intricate structures of a cell or the surface of an industrial material, the DP75 camera provides outstanding image quality and ease of use. The camera’s advanced multiple-axis color correction technology helps ensure true-to-life color reproduction, making your images as vivid as looking through the microscope oculars. In addition, its smart AI-based scene detection automatically recognizes the observation method and adjusts the appropriate imaging parameters, which allows for easy capture of high-quality images, no matter the observation method.

Qualitative Analysis Meets Intelligent Features

Quantitative data collection is easy with the DP75 camera’s linear mode, and it enables a relative intensity evaluation of fluorescence expressions on a sample. Moreover, the camera enables you to easily overlay fluorescence and brightfield images with pixel precision so that you can precisely identify the locations of fluorescent expression with the morphology of your specimen. For industrial applications, the camera’s live high dynamic range (HDR) feature provides high-fidelity images, capturing textures, flaws and previously undetectable defects with outstanding clarity.

Flexible and Efficient

The DP75 camera is both powerful and flexible. With compatibility via USB 3.1 Gen2, this camera works with most PCs, making it an ideal upgrade for any existing system. Its wide field of view capabilities further ensure fast and efficient research and inspections.

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