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Vanta™ GX Precious Metal Analyzer Simplifies Jewelry Analysis

January 10, 2023

Stylish countertop analyzer verifies precious metals and purity on the spot

WALTHAM, Mass., (Jan. 10, 2023)—The new Vanta™ GX precious metal analyzer is an affordable way to know the purity and composition of gold, jewelry, coins, and other valuables. Accurate, easy to use, and nondestructive, the countertop instrument delivers precious metal content, karatage and fineness in seconds so jewelers can confidently price the valuables they buy and sell.

Accurate Jewelry Analysis

Known for their accuracy and precision, Vanta analyzers are used by thousands of customers around the world. The Vanta GX analyzer uses this trusted technology to prove the purity of the gold, silver, platinum, palladium and other precious metals in valuables.

Alternative methods for jewelry analysis, such as acid scratch tests used for gold, can be inaccurate or unsafe. The Vanta GX analyzer uses sophisticated analytics to test jewelry without damaging the material and delivers actionable results on the spot.

Showroom-Ready Results

Since the analyzer uses a safe, nondestructive analysis method, no sample preparation or acid liquid handling is required. Users can obtain an answer by simply pushing a button. Results display on a smartphone-like touch screen and can be presented on a larger screen for discussion with customers. For seamless documentation and reporting, images from the built-in camera pair with test results.

Affordable Value Verification

An affordable gold, silver and precious metal testing solution, the Vanta GX analyzer keeps costs low and delivers a high return on investment. The analyzer makes it easy to identify authentic valuables from fake and fraudulent ones. It has an alert for gold plating, detects less valuable or hazardous metals, and determines the percentage of pure gold and silver. A comprehensive, one year warranty protects the investment, while two models offer the flexibility to only invest in the technology needed.

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