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Compact OmniScan™ X3 64-Channel Flaw Detector Improves the Efficiency and Performance of Phased Array and Total Focusing Method Imaging

February 22, 2022

WALTHAM, Mass., (February 22, 2022) — The new OmniScan™ X3 64 flaw detector delivers improved power and performance to Olympus’ field-proven phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) product line. This 64-channel instrument has the pulser capacity to drive phased array (PA) probes with a larger number of elements, increasing the data acquisition speed for total focusing method (TFM) imaging. Users can exploit its increased capabilities to expand and diversify their application portfolio.

Power You Can Carry

The high portability and enhanced performance of the OmniScan X3 64 flaw detector increase inspection productivity. It can process TFM images up to four times as fast as its predecessor,* yet comes in the same rugged and easily transportable box. On job sites with limited or restricted space, users will appreciate that the OmniScan X3 64 unit is compact and less cumbersome than other 64-channel devices. Inspectors can also remain on site longer and perform bigger scanning jobs without transferring data, thanks to the large 1 TB onboard storage.

Ease Challenging and Advanced Applications

Facilitating complex and thick part or weld applications, the instrument’s full 64-element aperture PA and 128-element aperture TFM enables users to optimize advanced Dual Linear Array™ (DLA) and Dual Matrix Array™ (DMA) probes. To save time during setup, all models in the OmniScan X3 series have integrated DLA and DMA support.

Smaller defects are easier to distinguish using the OmniScan X3 64 flaw detector’s high-resolution PA and TFM imaging. Accommodating lower frequency probes, the OmniScan X3 64 unit can increase penetration in attenuative materials while reducing signal saturation. These improved detection capabilities assist monitoring for early-stage flaws, such as high-temperature hydrogen attack (HTHA).

Optimized Workflow for Large Parts

When applications require advanced analysis, the entire PA inspection workflow can be performed using Olympus’ WeldSight™ software for greater efficiency. With the WeldSight Remote Connect app installed on the OmniScan X3 64 unit, users can instantly view the acquired data on a PC, exploiting the customizable user interface and software tools that facilitate specialized inspection procedures, including new-fabrication welds in pressure vessels.

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* Results obtained using a 64-element probe, compared with an OmniScan X3 32:128 model.

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