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Notice Concerning Postponement of Closing of Transfer of Shares of Evident Corporation

2023년 3월29일

Tokyo, (March 29, 2023) — Evident Corporation ("Evident") announces that the closing date of the transfer of all shares of Evident, a specified subsidiary of Olympus, to K.K. BCJ-66, a special purpose company indirectly owned by funds advised by Bain Capital Private Equity, LP (together with its affiliates, “Bain Capital”) has been scheduled for April 3, 2023.

Reasons for postponement of the closing of the transfer

The transfer is subject to certain conditions including obtainment of approvals from relevant authorities pursuant to the competition laws and related laws and regulations of Japan and other relevant jurisdictions. Due to the expectation that additional time is needed to obtain such approvals in certain countries, the closing date of the transfer has been postponed.

Since Olympus and Bain Capital have completed all the necessary procedures for the transfer, it is decided that the closing date of the transfer to be changed from March 2023 (scheduled) to April 3, 2023.

Link to the Olympus announcement.

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